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The difference between a professional sound system and a home stereo system?

Home audio is generally used for indoor play, its characteristics is playback quality is fine and smooth and soft, more sophisticated appearance, beautiful, playback of sound pressure level is not too high, relatively little bear the power and sound propagation range.

And refers to the professional audio under normal circumstances is for song and dance halls, karaoke OK hall, theater, conference room and stadiums professional entertainment venues, according to different places, sounds of the different requirements, space the size of a variety of factors, the configuration in different places of the sound system resolve scheme.

Home audio

Common home audio system configuration

1, source: the source of the sound, the sound of common home audio systems such as CD, LP, DVD etc..

2 and magnifying equipment: to effective power launched a speaker voice, audio output signal generally power amplification, now common amplification device for AV Amplifier, generally the transistor amplifier, but now some enthusiasts love in the electron tube amplifier.

3, sound equipment: that is, the sound box, its performance will directly affect the performance of the listening effect.

4, from the source to connect line: including power amplifier and power amplifier connected to the line connecting line box.

Basic requirements for home audio systems

1 requirements for home audio equipment

Home audio system is the final pursuit of the goal is to get the ideal sound effects, such as at home can enjoy the sound effect of the cinema. But the family is different from the theater, so to appreciate different kinds of sound, the requirements of the acoustic effect are not the same, requirement of pop music, classical music, light music can restored correctly all kinds of musical instruments, but to enjoy the movie, but it requires a sound field feeling, a sense of siege.

The source, should pay attention to different sources will eventually get a different sound effects (even if the same equipment).

On the speaker's requirements, power can be smaller, because the family is generally not used for high power output, but on the speaker's sensitivity, pointing both characteristic, frequency response characteristic should have a higher requirement.

Connecting line is the most easy to ignore, but it is proved that they can not ignore the impact of sound effects, its frequency characteristics, shielding characteristics must be better.

2 household sound system for the hearing environment requirements

In terms of ordinary families, the sitting room is the listening room, due to the limitation of objective conditions, unable to to listen to the sound environment of proportion to make adjustments, but under the conditions of the present size, how can to listen to sound effects best will be considered: 1. Listen to the symmetry of the sound environment, this to that includes two aspects, namely audit symmetry and acoustic symmetry, geometry symmetry and audio settings shall be geometrically symmetrical shape. Of course to listen out for the reference point; acoustic symmetry refers to the symmetric near the speaker acoustic conditions are basically the same, including acoustic direct, reflection and sound absorption characteristics should be consistent, so the choice of decoration materials, furniture layout shall be meet the acoustic characteristics of listening.

Professional sound

Configuration of general professional sound system

1, audio (music playback device, sound pickup equipment, instruments etc.)

2, control equipment (analog mixer, digital mixer, digital audio media matrix, AV digital management center, after the two meetings are used more)

3, peripheral equipment (processor, equalizer, limiter, frequency divider, actuator, delayer, effects, feedback)

4, reducing equipment (speaker system, power amplifier).

5, connecting wire (above the device by a variety of different types of wire, optical fiber is currently used more and more. )

Professional audio system design to professional terminology

1, sound pressure level: refers to the actual sound pressure and the reference sound pressure of the ratio of 20 times the value of the unit is. Is an important index of acoustic quality index a measure of the sound system, the sound amplifying areas.

2 sound power: audio power amplification refers to the sound pressure level reaches the rated system design, rated power amplification equipment required. Its unit is tile. Acoustic indexes in electroacoustic parameters directly reflected, and it will be related to the project cost, so it is particularly important.

3. Hum: 50 Hz AC sound, because the sound is similar to the low frequency and hum named, audio equipment of power supply ripple coefficient over and anti-jamming performance is bad, will lead to hum.

4 tone: sine signal sound in the hearing is a clear single tone of voice, such as voice tuning fork.

5. Intermodulation distortion, intermodulation distortion refers to two amplitude by a certain percentage (usually 4:1) blend of mono audio signal through the playback device to produce new frequency components of a signal distortion.

6 frequency range: two frequency compared to 2 of the sound between the frequency range, a frequency of eight degrees of the pitch relationship, that is, the frequency of each doubling, the pitch increased by a frequency doubling.

. divider: speakers in a circuit device, to the input music signal is separated into different parts of the soprano, Alto, bass, and then sent to the corresponding high, and woofers replay.

8 dual amplifier: speaker of each speaker unit by a separate amplifier channel to drive a connection mode. A pair of two frequency of the speaker needs to use two stereo amplifier and two on the speaker line. See "double line".

9 dual - line sub - two sets of horn lines were used to transmit the music signal of the high and low part of a connection mode. Two line split sound needs to be used with the two terminal of the specially designed speakers.

10 amplifier: pre amplifier and power amplifier.

11 Power Amplifier: referred to as power amplifier, used to enhance the signal power to drive the speaker


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