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How to solve the influence of the shadow K and sing K acoustic problems --KTV room to transform small theater acoustic processing techniques!

In the process of transforming KTV room into a small theater, how to transform some key elements, and can be carried out in the case of relatively saving? The following issues should be paid attention to in acoustic processing:
: to construct the acoustic treatment: avoid hardfacing of decorations, such as large areas of glass, stone, etc., this decoration on the high frequency reflection is too strong, affect the clarity of the multichannel theater sound, may be appropriate to increase the soft through sound absorber, such as soft, cloth art sofa, reducing less high frequency acoustic reflex. If the appropriate use of diffuse reflection type diffuser and corner of the low frequency trap and other sound device is better. There are doors and windows and other sound effects can also be taken into account, in order to avoid the sound leakage affect the adjacent viewing room package.
Avoid the use of large areas of glass and stone, use of fabric and soft
Second: speaker positioning and high frequency compensation: multi-channel home theater speaker positioning, try to follow the horn is axis at the listening area principle, it can guarantee the details of the sound and sound field reduction. As a result of the limited conditions, sound box suspends the position should be placed in a higher position, as far as possible the use of support capable of adjusting angle, the horn is positive axis pointing to the listening area, and with automatic tuning function of the AV receiver, frequency calibration and compensation for the loss of high frequency response
Third: Bass setup and adjustment: Home Theater subwoofer setup should be as close to the front main channel speaker, is conducive to the phase interface between low frequency and the main speakers, enhance the clarity and intensity of low frequency. Try to avoid the bass sound box on the sofa next to the listening area away from the main channel position, will increase the difficulty to adjust the sound. Such as room to appear serious low frequency standing wave, you need to increase the bass traps; if low frequency offset side need to reduce indoor space cavity objects (such as cabinets, across the empty wall body, etc.), and with the AV receiver with automatic tuning function, frequency calibration, to reduce the influence.
Fourth: photoelectric system isolation: if there is a KTV, strobe lights, laser lights and other lighting effects in the use of, then we should pay attention to the lamp circuit and a sound circuit separation, not as power lines in the same phase, to avoid lamp produced when using the pulse of the sound system caused by interference.


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