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How to judge the quality of the objective mix

Objective to evalsuate the quality of a remix for most people, in fact, is not easy, because it involves all aspects of knowledge and conditions, for example, basic music literacy, good monitoring environment and equipment, for the music expression content understanding, and so on. In many cases, we judge a work is good or bad, in fact, is not objective, but subjective wishes about your views on the mix of good and bad!

1 early footage of their own quality for mixing effect

Good for the early late mixed shrinkage is particularly important, previous, pick up sound environment, pickup skills, sound pickup equipment, and vocals, the latter is modified on a preliminary basis, like a person if handsome. His parents must not be ugly!

Here, a lot of people will say, early is good, but also your final mixing stem what!? I see somebody else who who put so bad things are good so cattle force, how can the family, you can not do it?

With this view of the streets are full of, this is not surprising, from the side also reflects the most people to mix the essence of things about is very superficial (amount, lay people don't need to know so much, you mix their own understanding, hematemesis).

For remixers to deal with problems of material is one of the many duties, absolutely can't understand should deal with the problem of material. This concept is important, some level of commercial projects, usually remixer will participate in the early work of many, the reason is very simple, to ensure that he started all of the material is no problem! Also need to note is that the decayed for magical example does not illustrate the ability of a mixer, but can reflect the creativity of the mixer! Many times, too junk remixer not connected, they have their judgment, may sometimes hinder sensibilities, embarrassed to refuse, reluctantly agreed to the next, the final works laudable is certainly creative things, such as very cool sound effects, rather than quality rather than singing!

2 Effect of monitoring equipment for mixing quality evalsuation

Monitoring equipment is to restore the sound of the equipment, good monitoring of the results are more reliable to judge! For example, the most brutal, the same piece of work, with a mobiles phones to listen to the speaker, and with the sound to listen, certainly sound effect is more close to the music itself!

3 Effects of monitoring environment for evalsuation the quality of mixing

Effects of environmental monitoring depending on professional, let a person feel is in style, but here, the more let a person feel hypocritical things even, each a reasoned, such as listening to the reflection of sound space, listen to the sound box position, distances and so on

4 Effect of music literacy to judge good or bad Remix

Music accomplishment for the importance of judging the quality of a work is the spiritual things, people feel very elegant symphony, recorded human saliva song resonates, all lead to the each preference of reason is that music accomplishment! So sometimes to hear the work you think is junk, sometimes you just feel is a waste of works, a person fondle admiringly to

5 personal preferences for mixing quality evalsuation

You have like you, I have my favorite, this is not in contradiction to the body, but communication and evalsuation of an invisible barrier. For example, when I tell you that I think this mix of very good, you may feel the reverberation will be better, or small voice point will be better to

6 others let you give some advice should how to exchange

First, don't be rash decisions good or is not good, because you may not be aware of the specific material, we usually have to own a set of criteria to measure, OK, this standard is you many years of accumulation, the standard form factor most comes on you to hear those high quality work, so we will use high quality standards to measure the mixing audition works, if there is a problem with the material mixing, and you don't know, protects the negative off the efforts of others, can be very rude!

Summary description, personally think that everything within the category of art is subjective effects than the objective, as a thousand eyes of readers have a thousand Hamlet, mixing is so!


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