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2.4G wireless conference control system

  • DCS-E2040C/D system in unit
DCS-E2040C/D system in unit

DCS-E2040C/D system in unit

  • Product description: DCS-E2040C/D system in unit

Introduction of cell function

Wireless chairman unit is a wireless conference system for digital wireless processing of audio signals and control signals
Have anti cell phones interference function, with a variety of speech mode, the operation is simple, functional, with a high degree of confidentiality
The bidirectional transmission and control of multiple voice signals and data can be realized by preventing eavesdropping.
The use of ultra large capacity lithium battery power supply, support for up to 15 hours of continuous speech and 25 hours of standby time
Ultra large electric power 2100mA 3.7V (representative)
Ultra large power 3000mA 3.7V (Chairman)
Chairman unit has a priority function, not limited to the functional constraints, can be cut on behalf of the floor;
575 audio processing, frequency width 30KHZ-15KHZ, rich sound quality, prominent voice.
External transmit antenna, beautiful and generous;
Color: gray hair.
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