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2.4G wireless conference control system

  • DCS-E2402C/D system in unit
DCS-E2402C/D system in unit

DCS-E2402C/D system in unit

  • Product description: DCS-E2402C/D system in unit

Introduction of cell function

1 intelligent digital design, the working voltage is 4.5V.
2 wireless chairman unit is a wireless conference system with digital wireless processing audio signal and control signal.
3 high fidelity single directional microphones core, so that sound reduction, high clarity, low noise, super sound effect.
4 to prevent eavesdropping can achieve multi-channel voice signals and data two-way transmission and control.
5 using LCD 43*23 LCD screen, display signal strength, ID number, working mode, the state of speech, the use of long, power.
The 6 unit has the switch power key and the floor key, the chairman unit increases the priority key, can close the representative unit in the speech at any time, easy to control the order of the meeting place, the chair is not limited.
7 built-in antenna design, elegant appearance; 27CM short collocations 360 degree rotation design, removable.
8 use 1.5V batteries (3 tablets) power supply, that is, the use of installation, can be used continuously for 8 hours.
The 9 grey suede shell, plastic seat shell, no noise and soft switch design, flexible operation.
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