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2.4G wireless conference control system

  • DCS-E240M wireless control system host
DCS-E240M wireless control system host

DCS-E240M wireless control system host

  • Product description: DCS-E240M wireless control system host

Host function introduction

1 to break through the traditional transmission mode, using the same frequency to transmit audio and data at the same time, to achieve a real digital conference system.
2 using 2.4G synchronous frequency hopping, adaptive frequency hopping spread spectrum technology, high confidentiality and super anti interference.
3 imported DSP processing audio chip, to achieve CD level sound quality. For different products, different areas, to achieve different effects.
4 built-in high performance frequency shifter, effectively preventing howling.
Four 5 modes of speech: the chairman of the special, the first out of the first, limited to speak, limited time to speak.
Four 6 kinds of speakers: 1-4 free choice.
7 intelligent power management system, closed system host power supply, the attendant units will automatically shut down, high efficiency and energy saving.
8 can support up to 255 units to use, the chairman of the representative unit at random.
9 with real-time video tracking function, support 4 channel video input, 2 channel video signal output. Communication protocol for multiple cameras: PELCO-D, PELCO-P, VISCA.
10 equipped with five kinds of audio output interface, can be suitable for different audio equipment.
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