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2.4G wireless conference control system

  • DCS-E2041C/D system in unit
DCS-E2041C/D system in unit

DCS-E2041C/D system in unit

  • Product description: DCS-E2041C/D system in unit

Introduction of cell function

1 intelligent digital design, the working voltage is 3.7V.
2 high fidelity single directional microphones core, so that sound reduction, high clarity, low noise, super sound effect.
3 using LCD LCD screen, display signal strength, ID number, working mode, the state of speech, the use of long, power.
The 4 unit is provided with a switch power key and a voice key, and the chairman unit increases the priority key, which can be closed at any time to close the representative unit in the speech.
The order of the system, the president is not restricted.
5 piece type copper tube joints collocations design, and in the 90 degree range of adjustment.
6 external 2.4G antenna, a full range of transmission signal, to ensure that the effective range does not appear out of control.
7 built in 3.7V large capacity lithium battery (Chairman: 3000mAh representative: 2100mAh), life time up to 15 hours.
The 8 grey suede shell, metal base, durable, beautiful appearance, fashion, do not fade, no deformation.
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