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Digital wireless conference control system

  • WCS-20M wireless conference system host
WCS-20M wireless conference system host

WCS-20M wireless conference system host

  • Product description: WCS-20M wireless conference system host

Host function introduction

1. The digital integrated circuit technology, low power consumption, high fidelity, most stable; for a two-way receive signal, CPU multi-level error correction and encryption scrambler. Anti electromagnetic, mobiles phones interference.
2 built in a powerful EQ balanced settings: meeting mode, presentation mode and two custom modes, the four modes are optional.
Three 3 modes of speech: the chairman of the special, the first out, the limit to speak; while the number of speakers: 1-4 (optional).
4. By using the LCD screen display speech mode, the number of speakers, channel order and the number of channels and unit consumption percentage; six touch key control buttons, hierarchical menu design and support / English switch and total output volume control etc. function.
5. The system state detection function: when a host and a conference unit connection is not normal, the lamp ring will prompt scintillation; connected under normal circumstances, the conference unit lamp ring is a long bright state; it is convenient to check all the unit is in normal state of wireless communication.
6 scientific IP and ID coding design (ID:001-160, IP:001-008), can be achieved in the same place more than one system of the use of the system.
7 real-time video tracking function can be achieved, supporting the use of 255 units connected, and without cumbersome cable connection; if the main power to shut down all the meeting unit is also closed.
8 use the distance: 80-100 meters, communication distance: 100-150 meters; can be installed in the 19 inch standard cabinet.
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