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  • Monitor headphoness
Monitor headphoness

Monitor headphoness

  • Product description: Monitor headphoness

Product introduction:

- high frequency low frequency thoroughly clear, pure and powerful, the rhythm of the music show
Closed cavity design, effective isolation of external noise
Apply ergonomics design, wear more comfortable
- Rotary ear design, convenient carrying and single ear listening
Stylish appearance design, provide two kinds of black and coffee
Product type: earphones
Wear way: head wear type
- unit diameter: 53mm coil
Impedance: 60 + 30%
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Maximum output sound pressure: 101 + at 1kHz 3dB
Power: Maximum Power: 500mW
- line: O 4mm x 1.2m headset with 4M extension line
Connection plug: stereo - plated with 3.5+6.3mm
Product weight: 320G
Appearance design: Black / coffee
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